Weed-infused wine is a thing — here’s where you can buy it

A marijuana plant is pictured as a bartender opens wine at a cannabis food event in Tacoma, Washington on July 19, 2016.
As more US states move to legalize the use of recreational marijuana, the California chef is aiming to elevate haute cuisine to a new level. / AFP / Jason Redmond (Photo credit should read JASON REDMOND/AFP/Getty Images)

Because it’s never not an appropriate time to discuss our love of wine, we have to let you in on this intriguing new wine that’s infused with marijuana. If either of those, erm, relaxation techniques appeal to you, your brows are probably hovering a centimeter away from your hairline out of pure shock and obvious interest. So, here’s the deal: According to Refinery 29, California winemakers have begun producing barrels of weed wine, also known as Canna Vine, for commercial purposes.

But — you knew there was a but — before you start planning a guest list for your future weed wine gathering, pump ya brakes because there’s a catch.

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Weed-infused wine will only be available for sale in California to those who have a medical license. And even in states where marijuana is legal (recreational or medicinal), it’s still against the law to infuse it with alcohol.

Another high-blowing fact about this marijuana and alcohol concoction is its cost, which ranges between $120 to $400 a bottle, Elite Daily reports.

Oof. This news had us just as excited as the marijuana tampons that reduce period pain, but if it’s not easily accessible or legal where you live, some good old-fashioned wine will have to do the trick.

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